Jung Nung environmentally-friendly,

brand-new factory in Nangang customized OEM production

integrated, high-end and complete



Founded in 1949, with a history of 73 years, we are the first bean thread factory in Taiwan.


In 2020, our fully automated five-star bean thread factory was built in the Nangang Industrial Zone in Nantou City with an investment of TWD 800 million.

The Jung Nung factory in Nangang, a five-storey, 4000 pings building with a reinforced concrete structure

 has been built with environmentally friendly building materials


The 180-meter outer wall of the factory area is surrounded by hedges and flower beds
 while the green factory compound inside has many shrubs and trees as well as the country’s most advanced underground 
800 sqm waste water treatment tank
 as we strive for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.


Integrated, high-end and complete 

Our one-stop service includes specialized customizable production and

OEM services to meet a wide range of customer needs. We are a designated

OEM manufacturer for many well-known food brands in Taiwan.


Centuries of artisanal bean thread making meets modern automated equipment

Both the new Nangang No. 2 Factory and the Jinde No. 1 Factory in Taichung are in operation,

Jung Nung’s bean thread experts produce exquisite bean threads of the highest and stable quality based

on expertise handed down for generations in Taiwan.

Their artisanal know-how and skills are now combined with automated equipment in the industry’s most advanced factory,

the largest in terms of facilities and production. Expertly made in Taiwan.


Both Jung Nung factories possess numerous international certifications

The two factories have passed audits and inspections for ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9001 and other international food-related certifications, to ensure customers’ peace of mind.We also have been awarded EU, US and Taiwanese organic agricultural product processing certifications, providing the safest and healthiest products to consumers.We even have Halal food certification to demonstrate that our products comply with the Islamic law.We also hold double certifications for hygiene from Tse-Yue International Co., Ltd. From ingredient audits to on-site production inspections,
 absolutely zero additions have been found, so that consumers can enjoy our bean threads with complete peace of mind.We have obtained the 100% no-additives label from Tse-Yue International Co., Ltd., ensuring the highest food safety standard.


Traceability query of production history of Jung Nung product

Jung Nung leads the industry with its product traceability inquiry system. Use your mobile to scan the QR code of the packaging,

and enter the batch number to review the origin of the ingredients, raw material inspection, product inspection, ingredient labeling and nutrition labeling.

Enjoy transparency, peace of mind and great taste.


Food safety management through in-house inspections

We implement food safety self-inspections. Both our factories have food inspection and analysis laboratories staffed with qualified food inspectors, analysts and technicians.


Health management through independent audits

Our qualified health management staff have passed ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 food safety audits, and carry out independent internal audits.


The largest production capacity in Taiwan, the “TSMC of bean threads”

The ingredients of Jung Nung bean threads are high-grade potato starch and pea starch imported from Europe,

and mung bean starch imported from Thailand.The Jinde Factory uses more than 120 20-foot containers of potato starch each year

to produce an annual output of 2.04 million kilograms of bean threads.

The annual consumption of potato starch at the Nangang Factory can reach about 360 containers and its annual production volume

of bean threads can reach 6.12 million kilograms. The combined production volume of both factories is 8.16 million kilograms per year.


Jung Nung product quality   Generations of artisanal expertise

Jung Nung products are all made from natural starch through an artisanal process handed down for generations.

We never add any additives such as maltodextrin (soluble corn fiber), artificial thickeners or other artificial additives.

In our rigorous production process, we never mix in other starches (cassava flour, etc.) or artificial additives,

which is why our bean threads have great elasticity, translucent appearance, smooth texture and strong cohesion after cooking

 and a refreshing and pleasant viscosity that no other brand can offer. (tender with a bite, translucent and smooth)

Our bean threads are divided into four types according to their width: broad, standard, narrow and fine.

The greater the width, the more difficult it is to make. Combining width with thinness requires high standards and manufacturing expertise.

Jung Nung bean threads are different from other broad bean threads in the market.

They have a unique “Q factor” (or bite) yet they have a smooth and tender texture as well as translucent appearance. Broad, thin, tender, chewy, smooth,

and with a high absorption capacity for soup and sauce—traditional bean threads crafted to perfection.

(Wide, thin, tender, chewy) (Unique production technology) (standard width and ultra-thin)


[Baoding] Top 100% pure mung bean bean threads

Artisanal bean thread making the best among pure mung bean bean threads

[Baoding] Top-End 100% Pure Mung Bean Bean threads are refined with top mung bean starch from Thailand

 which has high viscosity and amylose resistance. Only Jung Nung’s artisanal expertise can produce these

translucent, thin, chewy and tasty pure mung bean bean threads.

[Baoding] Top-End Pure Mung Bean Bean threads from mung bean starch contain natural dietary fiber and natural chlorophyll

 without any artificial maltodextrin added to replace natural dietary fiberas is the case in many other bean threads in the market.

According to a test report from the People's Livelihood and Environmental Technology Testing Center of Providence University’s R&D Office

 [Baoding] Top-End 100% Pure Mung Bean Bean threads contain Resistant Starch (RS), which can replace the total carbohydrates in the diet up to 6% or more.

(The Ministry of Health and Welfare requires that the dietary fiber content in food must exceed 6 grams per 100 grams of food to be classified as food "high in dietary fiber")


High-quality integrated customized services

OEM: worldwide full service, full customization.Customer consultation: expert consultation and advice on OEM optionsRecipe design: Based on a customer’s needs, our experienced product R&D team will create exclusive formulas suitable for pairing with different dishes.Trial production and sample testing: After communication with R&D, the formula and taste are further optimized.Packaging design and printing: We print and use packaging designed by the customer or by our design and packaging team


Multi-dimensional product planning and design

Customizable bean thread ingredients: top-grade pure mung bean flour from Thailand, 
high-grade potato flour from Europe, high-grade pea flour from Europe, organic mung bean flour, organic potato flourCustomizable bean thread thickness: fine, narrow, standard and broad bean threadsCustomizable bean thread shapes: long, short, small, baby small, ball-shaped, square, etc.Customizable bean thread weights: 10-120 grams (other weights can be requested)
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